Hydraulic platforms

The Tenderlift platform: The perfect solution for tender lifting and accessibility

Having become a true standard product on cruising catamarans, tenderlift® hydraulic platforms are an additional living space without common measure. Positionable at all levels, they can serve as a cockpit extension, an additional deck or a swimming platform, as well as a submerged platform for diving. Tenderlift® hydraulic platforms have equipped more than 1500 catamarans. They are the perfect solution to lift tenders easily and safely. Extremely simple, our patented solution also provides easy access to the tender and the boat guaranteeing safety and comfort. Based on hydraulic energy, our systems are perfectly compatible with the hostility of the marine environment. They have proven themselves for over 15 years and require minimal maintenance.



Positioned close to the water, the Tenderlift® platform is an additional place of relaxation, conviviality and fun.



A real additional living space, the Tenderlift® platform is both an extension of the deck and the cockpit.



The Tenderlift® hydraulic platform is the simplest solution to lift your tender and hop on board.

Why adopt the Tenderlift platform?

Additional living space

The available living space on a boat is an important criterion. The Tenderlift® platform presents itself as a real extension of the outdoor living space. It serves as a swimming or lazing beach, and also as a launching platform for scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming.

A lifting solution

The Tenderlift platform is the ideal solution to lift or launch your tender. It can be handled by a single person. After positioning the tender on its supports, it is enough to lift the platform with the help of a remote control. The Tenderlift platform is also very useful to embark on the tender in a simple and secure way.

An element of accessibility and security

For people with reduced mobility, the Tenderlift platform makes it possible to make the water or the different levels accessible (skirts, cockpit, dock …). It also makes it possible to launch various and varied equipment, Seabobs, diving equipment, jetskis or to temporarily store bulky toys such as buoys, paddles, inflatable platforms … In case of emergency, the annex can finally be quickly launched and also makes it possible to easily and quickly recover a person from the sea.

A certain return on investment

With more than 1500 platforms sold, the Tenderlift option has now become a standard product. It brings a real added value to the boat in case of resale or rental. Statistics show that boats with platforms are rented faster and over a greater number of weeks than boats without platforms. According to the feedback from our customers, the purchase of a platform is profitable after 3-4 weeks of rental

How does a hydraulic platform work?

The Tenderlift® platform is a unique and patented hydraulic solution. It is based on kinematics that lift large loads while maintaining the horizontal platform and maintaining an unparalleled weight/lifting capacity ratio.

It is made from an assembly of durable and high-performance materials that meet sophisticated kinematics while optimizing the total weight of the equipment:

  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Performance

Frequently asked questions

On which types of boats can a Tenderlift platform be installed?

We equip all types of boats (sailing or motor catamarans, motor yachts, monohulls, …). Our office designs all our models and knows how to adapt them to the specific constraints of each boat.

Who can install a Tenderlift platform on my boat?

Most catamaran builders offer the Tenderlift platform as an option when buying a new boat. You can also choose to install a platform on a used boat by contacting one of our distributors or by contacting us directly.

The installation of the platform can be done at our office, in Canet-en-Roussillon or anywhere in the world with an authorized distributor. Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more!

What weight can a Tenderlift platform lift ?

We offer lifting platforms that can lift between 250kg and 1.5 tons, depending on the model chosen and the type of boat equipped. Our design office will study with you the solution best suited to your needs. Our job is to be able to offer you a powerful system to lift your tender and simplify your life on board.

Can I customize the size and shape of the Tenderlift platform ?

Tenderlift has its own design office that designs all its products. We make tailor-made products by adapting to the requirements of our customers (shape of the boat, lifting capacity, materials used, ect) and can thus offer you many options, such as:

  • The size and shape of the platform
  • Lifting capacity
  • The color, in order to be able to integrate perfectly with the line of the boat
  • The coating: wooden slatting, natural or synthetic, anti-slip aluminum coating, etc.
  • The type of cradle chosen

Why does the Tenderlift platform use hydropower?

Hydraulics have many advantages, one particularly is lifting very large loads and being able to coexist with the marine environment safely. On the other hand, at equivalent power, a hydraulic system is lighter than an electrical system (about 4 times lighter).

Finally, the use and maintenance of our hydraulic platforms is very simple: our systems operate with low pressure, which facilitates interventions.