Carbon hydraulic cylinders

The carbon cylinder: the best weight/power ratio for sheet settings

Tenderlift hydraulic cylinders are the result of several years of development in association with research laboratories and universities specializing in composites. They are an assembly of high-tech materials, high-modulus carbon, titanium, Dyneema SK99 and advanced industrial processes.

These carbon cylinders are mainly used on boats looking for a significant weight saving vs power ratio such as racing boats or super yachts. Hydraulics provide a significant safety advantage compared to electrical solutions. Indeed, thanks to the real-time measurement of the internal hydraulic pressure, the mechanical loads information feedback can be easily coupled with alarms, automatic drops, etc.



Our carbon hydraulic cylinders operate at pressures exceeding 300 bar. They thus ensure an optimal power/diameter ratio.



By using high-performance materials (titanium, dyneema, HR carbon, aluminum…), our cylinders are about 10x lighter than their stainless steel equivalent.



Our carbon cylinders are the best solution to guarantee maximum safety. Coupled with pressure sensors, they can shock the sheets automatically…



By combining high-tech materials (high-modulus carbon, dyneema SK99 and Titanium), carbotrim cylinders are the lightest on the market by being nearly 10 times lighter than stainless steel for the same power.


Thanks to the technicality of the filament winding and impeccable quality control, our cylinders can be used at high pressures of more than 350 bar guaranteeing an unparalleled weight/power ratio.


With more than 20 years of experience in boating, our engineers design hydraulic solutions combining compressed air, argon and flow control to optimize the speed of adjustments or sheet drops.


By using highly technological materials and following a quality control process at every stage of manufacture and assembly, our products meet the reliability criteria essential for use in the marine environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of carbon cylinders?

Ultra-lightweight, they easily replace a winch that is almost 20 times heavier for the same traction capacity. Carbo trim cylinders are also 4 times lighter than their aluminum equivalent and 10 times lighter than those made of stainless steel. Powerful and fast, they ensure speed and safety in maneuvers. They withstand an internal pressure of 350 bar.

What is their size?

Carbo trim cylinders can be used live or with a hoist (2 or 3 strands) for speed and racing gains. The available diameters range from 38 to 150 mm for a maximum length of 4500 mm.

Do the cylinders work as a double effect?

Carbo trim cylinders have the particularity of having a hollow rod (stainless steel or Titanium) with a textile core in dyneema SK99. This significantly reduces the weight of the rod and limits its deformation under its own weight (especially for long cylinders). For double-acting cylinders, it is therefore necessary to keep a full rod in order to be able to grow.

What other advantage can carbon cylinders have?

The hydraulic power plant can be coupled to a gas or compressed air tank to accelerate the exit of the rod and thus improve the release of the sheets into the small air. Each cylinder can also be associated with a pressure sensor and automatisms allowing automatic drops or the interruption of the re-entry of the rod in case of exceeding a certain pressure, distance or angle of heel.