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Tenderlift is specialized in hydraulic systems engineering

Whether it is a simple or a complex installation, our engineers have been designing the most advanced systems for the most demanding yachts. Truly believing in all the advantages that hydraulic brings to a boat, reliability, safety, light weight we have been supplying systems for fully hydraulic yachts with more than 15 functions ranging from winches, furling boom, vangs to furlers, stockers, retractable bowsprit, elevator, etc… Combining our hydraulic system with electronic devices allows us to create scenarios adding simplicity and safety.

Our naval engineering background allows us to identify our client needs in terms of loads, technology and use. Tenderlift has been on the front end of hydraulic innovations with the world renown carbon cylinder, the lightest carbon cylinder in the world and the innovative dynamic hydraulic mast foot sensor.

Tenderlift has been involved in a wide range of projects, cruising catamarans, high performances multihulls, racing yachts and superyachts.

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