Project Description

Canting / lifting keel

To answer the need of performances and reduced draught, Tenderlift design and realise canting and lifting keel systems. These mechanisms are fully integrated to the boat’s architecture.
Our canting keel mechanism is patented. It is actuated by a single and compact hydraulic cylinder placed in a pressurized and sealed casing. The servicing is reduced and the system is completely automatic.
Some of the advantages of our system :
– Used angles : +/-40°
– Twin rods hydraulic cylinders to simplify the hydraulic hoses and increase reliability
– Pre tension on the piston rod in order to minimize buckling risks
– The overall weight, the installation and the maintenance are reduced to their minimum in comparison with a standard double acting hydraulic system with sealing bellows
Depending on your specifications, we can deliver a ready to install case with its integrated cylinder.