Project Description

Hydraulic power pack

We build multifunctions hydraulic power packs with ventilated engines to satisfy all the demand you have on board. These units are available in 12 to 380 volts.
A special attention is made to automation with pressure cut-off switches and feedback sensors to communicate top information to the control system.
Each zone has its own hydraulic distribution net and a dedicated electric box where all the functions are set by push buttons in layered mode. A SST rigid bus brings the power to the appropriate area.
These hydraulic packs can be fitted with several electrical and ventilated engines in order to diversify the energy sources (direct and alternative current).
The hydraulic pumps which are clutched to these engines can work alone or coupled together to optimise their performances regarding pressure and outflow.
According to the specifications’ heft, the information of pressure can be computed in forces and transmitted to the central navigation unit. The reservoirs are made on demand with different materials : plastic or steel for economical applications, aluminium for an optimal weight or SST for very exposed environments.
The hydraulic packs are custom designed to satisfy the functions to fulfil. These units can be assisted by a pump hooked to the generator PTO (power take off).

Tenderlift designs power pack units according to your request. It can be simple pack without installation to complete hydraulic power pack with its electric wiring ready to use.
We can powerize all the hydraulics on board: winches, furling systems, bowthrusters, lifting keel, hydraulic platform, handling crane, gangway, hydraulics cylinders…
We also develop for you the end control panels with elegant designs and finishing materials available.